It seems as though more and more women are making waves these days by proving they aren’t just one-dimensional. Model Karlie Kloss is one of those women, doing great things in the name of gender equality. When the 26-year-old spoke with Life & Style exclusively at Bravo’s Project Runway premiere in NYC on March 7, she got real with us about why empowering women is so important to her.

“Well, I grew up in a house full of girls,” she explained. “I have three sisters and I really believe, for me, I started Kode with Klossy because I really believe that girls are capable of anything and everything they set their mind to and girls are our future.”

Because of Karlie’s reputation as a model, she is able to lend herself to huge passion projects such as her scholarship that gives young girls the skills to thrive in the computer science field. The tech and IT spaces, in particular, have been criticized for their lack of opportunities for women. A computer programmer herself, Karlie has been using her scholarship to help women champion these opportunities since 2015.

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“You know, I really am someone who believes in education as such an important and powerful way of creating any kind of future you want for yourself. I really am excited,” she revealed. “We launched our coding camps this week, the application. So teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 18 can apply and be a part of our camps and learn how to code.”

The model is so dedicated to helping women and girls thrive because it’s part of her personal beliefs — and that’s why she’s an advocate women need and deserve.

“I personally believe that that can open up so many doors for young women. I just am a big advocate of girls and women because I think we are resilient, we are capable of truly anything,” she said. “And now more than ever, we have opportunities for girls to have access to learning anything that they want to learn. And I think we have certainly … I believe in girls and women.”