Good thing she hollered, "We want prenup!" Kim Kardashian is gearing up for a divorce from her husband Kanye West in the midst of his most recent tweet storm where he made controversial comments about politics and slavery. But even though sources say Kim wants distance herself from Kanye's unpredictable ways, there's one thing she doesn't have to worry about parting with — her $175 million fortune.

"She’s relieved to have a prenup in place," an insider exclusively revealed to Life & Style. "[Kanye] is known for spending money like water, and his finances have been up and down for years. With him acting up right now, she’s afraid he’ll make irrational decisions and splash out millions on anything and everything. She’s spent years building her brand and is determined to protect her assets no matter what it takes."

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Making sure the prenup was in place before their wedding was an extremely smart move on Kim's behalf, especially because her husband has never really been one to be responsible with his own finances. Back in 2016, Kanye publicly announced on Twitter that he was $53 million in personal debt, and it looks like he's always had issues with handling his money.

"He really has no respect for the dollar," rapper pal GLC, who grew up with Kanye in Chicago, told Life & Style. "I remember him spending outrageously. He might have a couple tens of thousands of dollars to his name but when it was time to be on the road and make appearances, he’d spend it on clothes."

But even though no one is as protective of the Kardshian brand than momager Kris Jenner, it seems like she doesn't think divorce is the answer. Kris is #TeamKanye in this situation and she's trying to talk her daughter out of filing for divorce, but it seems like Kim has made up her mind. "Kim has tried over and over again to work things out with Kanye, and has come to the conclusion that a leopard doesn’t change its spots," says the source. "She’s finally reached her breaking point," adds the insider. "There’s no way to work this out."

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