Introducing the world's official fave lifestyle YouTuber… Lauren Riihimaki (aka LaurDIY)! The bubbly personality was thrilled to take home the Streamy Award for Best Lifestyle Channel on Sept. 26, and her fans were even happier! As a web star, Lauren's followers mean the world to her. The only person more important is her adorable YouTuber boyfriend, Alex Wassabi!

The couple has been together for two years now, and they're adorable. Fans almost lost their minds when the 24-year-old DIY guru joked about Alex proposing. So we had to ask: is a wedding on the horizon? "Alex and I definitely talk about the future, but we’re both still young and have so much going on," she told Life & Style exclusively of her relationship with the 27-year-old. "We’re loving where we are at right now, so I don’t think a proposal will be in the near-near future, but I mean… if he likes it he should put a ring on it. Just kidding. Kind of," she teased with a giggle.

Engaged or not, Lauren and Alex are one of the strongest pairs in the new media biz, and she has some seriously amazing tips for people trying to keep their relationship healthy. "I think one of the core foundations of a relationship is communication, no matter what profession you’re in," she revealed. "Communication and making sure you’re still giving your partner 110% all the time, even when you’re busy. Set time aside for 'couples' time. Even if it’s just putting your phones down for an hour to watch a movie together. Just because you have a long to-do list, doesn’t mean you should love and try less!"

The duo even teamed up for a line of merch, and fans literally lost their minds over it. "Laurex merch was insane!" explained Lauren. "We totally underestimated how excited our fans would be about it. A bunch of the merch sold out within the first 20 minutes, we did a full restock a few hours later and it was completely gone by the next day. INSANE. We had no idea what to expect and our fans totally blew us away."

Lauren does her best to keep followers on their toes with cool new DIY projects, fun vlogs, and hilarious collaborations. But on Sept. 17, she tried something super different and released a music video called "DIY Queen". "It was so much fun!" she said. "I love that my fans are open and excited about new content like doing a fun parody song with an epic video. I’m definitely no singer (or rapper) but will for sure be doing more music just for fun!"

Lauren revealed that the upcoming year is going to be a big one. "There have been a few merch-related things that my fans have been requesting FOREVER, and 2017/2018 is the year it’s all happening!!! Stay tuned…" she said.