You’ll find nothing but support from Lili Reinhart! She cheered on her boyfriend, Cole Sprouse‘s, Five Feet Apart costar Haley Lu Richardson in a recent social media post. The actress is obviously here to say that there’s nothing but friendliness between these young celebrities.

The Riverdale actress posted an article on her Instagram Story about female actors, directors and writers to look out for this year. Haley was one of the people featured on the list for her newest flick and her previous work in The Edge of Seventeen and Support the Girls. Lili posted a screengrab of the article with a slew of GIFs and hearts to show off her friend’s hard work.

Cole Sprouse Haley Lu Richardson
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Cole and Haley have been all over the public eye lately to promote their new film and seem extremely close. The two play love interests who have to remain five feet apart at all times (thus, the title) because of cystic fibrosis — a life-threatening disorder that damages the lungs and digestive system. Cole admitted that he and Haley had “chemistry immediately,” which fans will be able to feel on screen.

Back in January, they adorably walked the red carpet together at the Critics Choice Awards while Lili watched from home. Fans were wondering if she felt salty being stuck on the couch, but the actress shut down any negativity. She snapped a photo of Cole and Halye presenting together on stage on her Instagram Story and wrote, “Hi goobers.”

Cole Sprouse Haley Lu Richardson
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The Riverdale costars are obviously crazy about each other. Although they keep a relatively low profile, they’ve been creeping out into the spotlight more and more. There was a meme floating around social media that read: “No man has all [five]: Good d–k game, empathy, a height above 5’9, no hoes, [and] common sense.” As it happens, the former Disney star is apparently the total package. After Miley Cyrus commented, “Mine does! Don’t give up,” Lili added, “I found one,” making us all very jealous.

Lili Reinhart Cole Sprouse Haley Lu Richardson Five Feet Apart Los Angeles Premiere
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For now, it seems that Lili and Cole are totally solid. It’s great to see that she always supports Haley and her man!