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The Most Chilling Photos of Mary-Kate Olsen and Her Old AF Husband Olivier Sarkozy

At the top of the Creepy Things About the Olsen Twins list towers the relationship between Mary-Kate Olsen and husband Olivier Sarkozy. Like, look, we have a low-key respect for Mary-Kate for keeping it weird, but we can't help but be a little skeeved out by the mismatched couple. Like, whenever we're subjected to pics of Mary-Kate and her husband (a French banker and literal father), we're hit hard with the 17 year age gap between the couple. And to that we say: Nooooooo.

Now historically speaking, the Olsen sisters tend to go for way older guys. Lest we forget, Ashley tried to one-up MK with her 59-year-old ex-boyfriend Richard Sachs, (nice try, Ash). But even aside from the age thing, Mary-Kate and her husband just look…disturbing together. Like, we don't know what's creepier to look at: the moments where MK seems genuinely in love — because she does, her hang-outs with Olivier are the few times she smiles— or when she seems trapped in a prison of her own design?


Feel free to watch in awe images of the baffling relationship between Mary-Kate Olsen and her husband, Olivier Sarkozy.