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What’s up With Mary-Kate Olsen’s Tan? She’s Been Looking Bizarrely Bronzed

Back when we were little, we used to think it was impossible to tell Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen apart, but now we know better. After all, the Olsen twins are hardly ever in matching outfits anymore — but the real kicker is that Mary-Kate is the tan twin. Well, and the fact that they basically look like two totally different people. By which we mean they look like normal, biologically related sisters instead of people who could share DNA (but didn’t, considering that whole actually-being-fraternal thing).

In addition to all of their strange behavior from over the years (including those moments where they were creepily twinning), we’ve noticed something else odd about the one-time lookalikes. These days, Mary-Kate is bizarrely bronzed. Like, she looks straight up orange in some pics. And we’re just wondering when exactly did that happen? Not that we’ve been keeping tabs too closely these days (though we’ve been known to throw it back to the olden days plenty), but it seems like we would’ve noticed one twin suddenly just changing color. So we took a look back through the years to find out where exactly things went wrong. Check out the color-changing timeline in the gallery below.