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‘Maya the Bee’ Episode Pulled From Netflix After Mom Notices Hidden Penis Drawing!

You have some explaining to do, Netflix. An episode from the popular children’s series Maya the Bee has been pulled from the streaming platform after some concerned parents noticed an explicit image lurking in the background. To be more precise: there was a hidden drawing of an erect penis on a tree in an episode aptly titled “King Willi.”

“I know I’m not going crazy and I know that something like this shouldn’t be in a kids’ show whatsoever. I’m extremely disgusted by it, there should be no reason my kids have to see something like this,” one mom wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post. Another tweeted, “This show is on @netflix its called Maya the Bee this episode is S1E35 around 5:14 mins in they have a #dick on the log wall.” Watch the video below to see the inappropriate drawing.

Studio 110, which produces the cartoon, quickly pulled the episode and responded to the controversy. “An absolutely inappropriate image has been discovered in a four-second fly-by scene in one episode of the total of 78 episodes of the series,” The Hollywood Reporter reported. “The origin of this image obviously results from a very bad joke from one of the 150 artists working on the production.”

The studio has taken responsibility for the oversight and, “is taking all suitable technical measures to remedy the situation.” While we are pretty sure most kids didn’t even notice the NSFW drawing, we definitely understand parents not wanting adult humor sprinkled into their children’s programming. However, this is not the first time a cartoon has been tainted by an animator having a little bit of fun.

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