We all learned something very surprising today: Michael B. Jordan has direct messaged his fans before. There’s a mixture of jealousy and confusion here, and we’re not sure which emotion to go with. The Creed II star was surprisingly honest about his social media activity during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres and Chrissy Teigen.

The ever-blunt cookbook author jumped in and asked the actor, “Have you ever hooked up via direct messages?” Michael had no reservations when he admitted, “Yes, I have.” He continued, “I have, I have, I have, I have. I’m human, I’m human. Not often, but yes, I have.” Um, OK, this is some tasty tea. Is that how he met his previous rumored girlfriend, Instagram model Ashlyn Castro? This brings up so many questions.

Chrissy continued, “My assistant is actually going to try to DM you right after this. She’s ready for kids, everything.” While sliding into DMs is fun, Michael will be waiting until he takes the next step. “I’mma take my time and ease on into that,” he quipped.

Ellen was sure to ask him why he was still single. The Black Panther actor said, “I’ve been working. I’ve been working crazy. So I’ve not really had the time to properly date.” Ellen didn’t really buy that and pressed, “We all work hard, but we have relationships. So many people have crushes. It must be flattering. There are so many girls who are just crazy about you.” Understatement of the decade. When Nicki Minaj is publicly flirting with you at the People’s Choice Awards, you know you have options.

Chrissy came to his defense earlier in the conversation: “We are treating him like a piece of meat. He’s a very talented actor.” That being said, Chrissy was almost blinded by Michael’s shirtless selfies that Ellen displayed on-screen, but no one could seem to look away. The whole interview was done in good humor and the three seemed like they had a lot of fun together. Keep working hard and making us blush, Michael.

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