Someone’s ready for a performance! Miley Cyrus shared a hot photo of herself before going onstage at the Sunny Hill Festival in Kosovo on August 2 — and needless to say, we’re totally jealous of her sculpted stomach.

“She’s ready for you Kosovo,” the 26-year-old captioned the sexy selfie where she flaunted her toned abs and super cool all-leather look on her Instagram Stories. “Are YOU ready for her!”

Miley Cyrus Mirror Selfie

The singer has been playing a lot of shows lately to promote her newest release, an EP called She Is Coming. The extended play record, released in late May, is the first of three releases that will make up the artist’s seventh studio album entitled She Is Miley Cyrus, according to Pitchfork.

Yes, you read that right. In case you were in the know, Miley plans to release another EP, titled She Is Here, sometime this summer, and a third release, titled She Is Everything, coming in the fall.

Her song “Mother’s Daughter” off the first EP has done exceptionally well and the provocative, rock-influenced video cemented Miley’s return to the pop world. In fact, just before making moves to promote her new recordings, she did one thing that made the music business’ head turn: a song with Mark Ronson.

Their collab “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart,” which was released back in November 2018, really brought Miley back into the spotlight with a vengeance, highlighting her tendency to break into a deep country croon while juxtaposing that style with a club beat.

Plus, a little fun fact: the Sunny Hill Fest in Kosovo was created by Albanian singer and fellow Ronson collaborator Dua Lipa, along with her parents who were born in the state. Her father, also a singer, wanted to bring popular music to the area and give back to the culture.

We could understand why Miley would want to headline such a cool fest. Belt it, girl!