Owning a house that was featured in a famous movie is definitely a brag-worthy accomplishment, but living in a piece of pop culture history definitely has its downsides. The lucky people who snatch up properties featured in movies like Mean Girls and Harry Potter might get to enjoy the pleasure of chilling in Regina George's crib, but they also have to deal with pesky tourists, which can get out of hand.

That was definitely the case for the owner of Carrie Bradshaw's townhouse in Sex and the City. The famous steps attracted hordes of crowds who clogged the famous staircase and treated the neighborhood like it was Disneyland. The owners got so angry, they eventually banned fans from going on the steps.

But for some people, the draw of wanting to tour a famous house is too hard to pass up, and hey, we can't blame them. Below, take a tour of five famous houses from movies — just don't bring your selfie stick.