Just when you couldn’t get enough of the Jonas Brothers, the Bonus Jonas rolls in. It turns out, Frankie loves his brothers’ song “Sucker” just as much as the rest of us. Nick posted a hilarious video of the 18-year-old getting his groove on to the upbeat track and it’s surprisingly similar to how most people look dancing to it in their living rooms.

“The fourth (and most badass Jonas Brother) Frankie Jonas a.k.a. [Franklin Jonas] rocking out to our new [Jonas Brothers] single SUCKER,” Nick, 26, captioned the video on Instagram. He was sure to add, “He is and always has been the coolest Jonas. Love you FJ.”

In the footage, the youngest sibling showed off a plethora of moves, including a classic shoulder shake, an astounding kick and even a booty slap. Oh my! Fans absolutely loved the video and determined that the Bonus Jonas is our new mood for the rest of the year. “Why am I Frankie Jonas?” one commenter asked while someone else added, “I feel so much connection to him.” Another JoBro fanatic said, “Confused if this is Frankie or me jamming to it for the 10th time?” Basically, we are all Frankie.


Their not-so-baby brother isn’t the only who’s proud of the boy band’s hard work. When Nick shared the news about the song dropping, Priyanka Chopra, 36, rallied by his side to show her support. “Yesss baby! It’s time! So proud,” she sweetly commented on the announcement.

Priyanka Chopra Sophie Turner Danielle Jonas in Jonas Brothers music video sucker

The actress made an appearance in the “Sucker” music video with Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas, so it was definitely a family affair. The J Sisters looked like they had a blast in over-the-top costumes while they watched their men rock out.

Although Frankie didn’t appear in the debut song, we’re sure he’s enjoying it from home like the rest of us. Keep being you, FJ!

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