It has officially been 11 years since “Year 3000” got us hooked on the Jonas Brothers, and it’s crazy to see how much those awkward little cuties have evolved since then! Of course it broke our hearts when they officially decided to go their separate ways (we refuse to say “broke up” because they’re #brothers4life), but they’re all totally thriving in 2017! Here’s what Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas are up to now.

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Joe and Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas

Joe is still at the top of his game as a musician. He’s been performing with his new band DNCE since 2015, and they keep releasing hit after hit, like “Cake by the Ocean,” and “Toothbrush.” He’s also thriving in his personal life, and just proposed to his actress girlfriend Sophie Turner in October.

Nick Jonas

Nick has been killing it as a solo artist since the Jonas Brothers split. He’s pumped out tons of hits like “Jealous,” “Close,” “Find You,” and a new song called “Home” that will be featured in the animated Ferdinand movie! He’s also been dabbling in acting, including stints on Scream Queens, Kingdom, and the upcoming Jumanji movie. Nick is currently single after a string of failed relationships, but his professional life seems like more than enough to keep him busy right now.

Kevin Jonas

Kevin is all about his family nowadays. He’s still with his wife Danielle Deleasa, who he married in 2009, and the duo has two kids: a three-year-old named Alena, and a one-year-old named Valentina. From 2012-2013 Kevin appeared in his reality show Married to Jonas, and in 2015 he was on The Apprentice. He may have lost the competition, but he is a successful entrepreneur now! His main focus is the company he started with Steven Forkosh called The Blu Market, which is an influencer marketing company. Of course, Kevin is still a musician, and he recently got back on stage to perform with Lady Antebellum in August.

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Frankie Jonas aka “The Bonus Jonas”

Frankie was never part of the original band, but the spunky kid brother of the guys became a fan favorite. He’s 17 now, and he’s definitely becoming his own person. In 2015 he was featured in Paper magazine looking SO grown up. According to his Instagram, he produces his own beats under the DJ name “Mephisto,” and when he’s not doing that, he’s hanging out with Kevin’s kids and being the “cool uncle.” He also made a fun cameo appearance in Nick’s music video for “Remember I Told You” in 2017.