Say what? Pamela Anderson shared her thoughts about the countless allegations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein during a Thursday, Nov. 30, appearance on Megyn Kelly Today. And, according to the former Playboy centerfold, 50, she believes Harvey’s victims knew what they were “getting into” during their traumatic interactions with the powerful Hollywood exec. See what she had to say in the video below.

As previously reported, more than 80 women — including actresses Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rose McGowan, and Angelina Jolie — came forward with allegations of sexual assault against Harvey, 65, after the New York Times published a bombshell exposé in October. Though he has denied “any non-consensual sex” claims, he was subsequently fired from his namesake film company and expelled from a handful of professional associations, including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In addition, Harvey’s wife of nearly 10 years, Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman, announced her decision to leave him in the wake of the scandal.

During her chat with Megyn Kelly, Pamela, who has previously opened up about her own experience with sexual abuse as a child, seemed to lack empathy for those who fell victim to Harvey’s unwanted advances. “[It’s] just common sense: Don’t go into a hotel room alone. If someone answers the door in a bathrobe, leave,” she said. “These [are] things that are common sense…It was common knowledge that certain producers or certain people in Hollywood are people to avoid, privately.”

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After facing backlash online, the Baywatch alum took to Instagram to let fans know that she still stands behind her controversial comments. “Somebody had to say this,” she wrote on Friday. “I’m a deep thinker / I have a unique perspective. and consequence is part of my life. This is great. I am also an advocate for men. I just don’t agree with it all. Backlash is good. – I like this. My position is not ‘problematic’ because I don’t fall in line with the common herd or trend…I think it’s very smart to be proactive. And I stand by what I say.”

Despite her troublesome outlook on Harvey’s accusers, Pamela did share her own awkward encounter while speaking with Megyn, 47. The PETA activist revealed that she and the movie producer once argued over the use of animals in 2008’s Superhero Movie, in which she played Invisible Girl.

“He’s very intimidating. And I was doing a movie…I barely remember it. And I played the invisible girl with an invisible dog. And, as a PETA activist and an animal activist, I don’t work with animals in film because they’re treated horribly. And so I said, ‘If I have an invisible dog, I just wanna make sure there’s no dog there,’ and, ‘I can’t do the film if there’s going to be a dog in the film.’ And that was it,” she recounted. “And then he called and said, ‘You’re so lucky that I put you in a film, and you’re Pamela Anderson and you don’t deserve anything. And if you don’t do this, you’ll never work in this town again.’…Never in my life had I been talked to [like that], and I’ve had some really bad boyfriends! I’ve never been talked to this way.”