In news that’s sure to royally screw up your workday for you’re and all your friends, there’s a new "the dress" in town. Don’t remember the dress? We’ll remind you.

On a cold blistery morning three years ago, our entire lives were ROCKED by a picture uploaded to the Internet of a white and gold dress. Only when we looked at it again a few hours later it was BLUE AND BLACK. We still have literally no idea what was going on with that color changing-gown, but it freaked us the f–k out and we've been thankful that that absolute conundrum is out of our lives.

Until now. We give you, THE SHOE. "This can’t be the new dress," I just laughed to my colleague. It’s quite clearly blue and grey, who on earth could argue any different? “Errr… It’s pink and white," she replied. FFS.

Someone called Nicole Coulthard uploaded the pic to Facebook, and it’s been attracting stirring debate all over social media since then. "It depends on what lighting you’re in because I saw green and grey and in my room (which was dark) I saw pink and white," one commenter wrote on social media before another added, "Damn I seen all the colors." Others were just completing over playing the guessing game. "Not this again," someone else wrote.

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Here we go again.. Which colors are this shoe? 👀👟👇 @worldstar #WSHH

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As to how people can see two different colors looking at the same screen, it can be explained by an occurrence known as color constancy. According to ASAP Science, this happens when the surroundings of the object influence our perception of the color. "We're so close up to the dress that we don't really know its surroundings and the brain has to make assumptions… Chances are that this image just happens to be perfectly ambiguous to our brain, meaning it all comes down to individual perception and even where and how you view the image."

This article was written by Polly Foreman and originally appeared on our sister site Heat World.