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Prince William and Harry Pretty Much Switched Personalities as They Got Older

It's hard to believe there was a time when Prince Harry wasn't the "cool brother," but there was. Back in the '90s, it was Prince William who drew all the attention as the "pin-up prince." Teenage girls taped pictures of him on their lockers while Harry, an awkward ginger, was largely ignored as he stood in his big brother's charismatic shadow. However, as the boys grew up, they were hit with the tragic death of their mother, Princess Diana. The event affected them both in different ways. William grew more withdrawn, private, and resentful of the press. On the flipside, Harry started acting out in school and started living up to his new "bad boy" persona. In other words, they had a personality switcharoo.

Throughout their childhoods, the princes had to deal with several public scandals, from Diana and Prince Charles' infidelity to their inevitable divorce. As the brothers dealt with all the hardships and the media scrutiny of their family, their bond grew even closer despite their personality shifts. “We have been brought closer together because of the circumstances," William said. And although the two get along, that doesn't stop Harry from poking fun at his shy, serious brother. "Older brothers are supposedly the cool ones," Harry said. "I'm a younger brother but I'm much cooler than my older brother."

Although both brothers have matured over the years and have probably more similarities today than they used to have, it's a little odd how the public likes to pretend that Harry was always extroverted and William was always introverted. Judging by old interviews and articles about the princes' childhood, the reality paints a different picture. Below, a look at how the two princes have changed over time.