Rachel McAdams is talking all things Ryan Gosling!

But instead of diving into their on-and-off five-year romance or her thoughts on his future as a father (sigh, Eva Mendes), the gorgeous 35-year-old is talking about one thing and one thing only in a new interview: her time with him on The Notebook set in 2004.

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On what it was like filming one of the most epic scenes in the film (ya know, when Allie and Noah make out like crazy in a storm after reuniting), she said:

“We just wanted to get out of the rain. It was very cold. That dress was made for the film, but a lot of the stuff I wore was rented and was actually from the 1940s. So much of it was falling apart.”

the notebook

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During later takes, Rachel ended up barefoot – and that’s all because of the weather.

“I think there’s a scene in the movie where I’m running in bare feet, and it’s only because [after] the first few takes I did, the shoes disintegrated off my feet.”

the notebook

The pair — who initially didn’t get along on set — soon fell in love following filming, and went on to date on-and-off until 2009. Since then, he’s moved on with Eva, with whom he’s expecting a child, and Rachel has dated a bevy of actors including Josh Lucas and Michael Sheen.

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Though she hasn’t found her perfect guy just yet, she’ll never give up on love. “Oh, yeah, or sure,” she said when asked if she believes in it. “Absolutely.”

(And for those of you wondering, Rachel doesn’t know about that famous “Hey Girl” Ryan Gosling meme. She said, “I know you’re not going to believe me, but I don’t follow it.”)

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