Over the past couple of weeks, the rumor mill has been buzzing about Selena Gomez‘s family and their struggle to welcome Justin Bieber back into their inner circle — especially because Sel is so close to her mom, Mandy Teefey. But, no one actually thought it was true, until now.

TMZ is reporting that Selena’s mom was taken to the hospital last week when she found out how serious things are getting between Jelena. Law enforcement officials told TMZ that authorities went to check on Mandy at the request of a family member at a Los Angeles hotel. It was then that she was taken to the hospital, voluntarily, for treatment.

selena gomez mom mandy getty

While it might be hard to believe, the Biebs was actually the trigger. Apparently, Mandy and Selena, 25, got into a pretty big argument earlier on in the day when the “Bad Liar” singer told her that she was currently in couples therapy with Justin. (Couples therapy?! We’re shook.) It’s being reported that Mandy flipped out because she didn’t realize that Selena and Justin were really trying to work things out long-term.

Previously, Life & Style reported that Mandy reached out to the Biebs following Selena’s short stint in rehab last year and urged him to stay away from her daughter. “Her family fees that no one has ever gotten under her skin like Justin and, ultimately, he affected her in a deeply negative way,” a source said. “Mandy really believes that Selena will be able to heal faster without him.”

Mandy was released from the hospital the very same day and TMZ says she’s just trying to give Selena some space right now. One thing is for sure, Justin, 23, definitely won’t be spending the holidays in Texas.