We had no idea it was possible for Selena Gomez and The Weeknd to get any cuter! Well, we were clearly wrong because everyone’s favorite celebrity couple just outdid themselves on Instagram. Selena posted a seemingly innocent pic of herself over the weekend to her story on the social media site. But, her astute fans were quick to point out a very adorable detail in the background of the photo.

So, no Selena you weren’t just posting another cute outfit pic. In reality, you were solidifying your and The Weeknd’s place as America’s favorite celebrity couple. Don’t believe us? Watch the video below to see for yourself!

And of course, their fans were quick to tweet about the occurrence on Twitter. One fan wrote, “Abel you’re doing amazing sweetie,” while another added, “This is the funniest thing.” We love that we now have actual proof that The Weeknd is Selena’s Instagram husband. And for anyone confused about the term “Instagram Husband,” it means the partner of a woman whose role is to take photos of his girlfriend for her to post on social media. And, clearly, The Weeknd is excelling in his new role!

Plus, did you catch the fact that she’s also wearing his tux? Yep, we can picture it now. “Abel, please hand me your tuxedo… and now, please take a photo of me in it.” We’re sure he had no problem doing this because this couple is a lot of things but shy is not one of them. They’re used to flaunting PDA at events and gushing about each other on social media. And honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We hope these adorable photoshoots continue to happen with the happy couple because The Weeknd has a great eye!