Need a quick horror fix? Look no further than the new Netflix series Tabula Rasa, which we are calling the Dutch American Horror Story. It has all the trappings of the Ryan Murphy thriller, complete with haunted house, mental asylum, and a seemingly possessed child. Don't say you haven't been warned.

The show premieres on March 15 and centers around Annemie D'Haeze, portrayed by actress Veerle Baetens, who loses her memory following a car accident. However, she quickly becomes a key figure in a missing person case and must reconstruct her memories to clear her name. This makes sense since the Latin phrase Tabula Rasa translates to "clean slate."

The only problem: a seriously haunted house where she lives with her husband and child — who don't believe Annemie when it comes to the red powder she sees falling from the ceilings or the red riding hood-esque demons she encounters in the hallways. "It's the house," Annemie says in the trailer. "It started when we moved. There's something very bad there. It's doing something to my daughter."

Viewers are already buzzing about the series, which was released in Belgium earlier. "I read in other reviews and on forums that many viewers stopped watching halfway through the series and spread around bad publicity about Tabula Rasa, but I would really encourage everyone to persist watching because especially the final three episodes are tense, adrenalin-rushing, and astonishing," one fan wrote on IMDB. "The very last denouement, which immediately also clarifies the until then vague title of the series, is certainly far-fetched, but also shocking and vile, and being a horror fan at heart, I really dug it!"

Tabula Rasa follows in the footsteps of the Belgian TV thriller Hotel Beau Séjour, which chronicles teenager Kato Hoeven (Lynn Van Royen) after she discovers her corpse in a bathtub and tries to figure out who murdered her and why. Adding to our list now.