Oh, sisters — can’t live with ’em and can’t live without’ em. Just after part 3 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey season 9 reunion, star Dolores Catania spoke exclusively with Life & Style about costars and sisters-in-law Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga and how they communicate with one another. Plus, she had a few words about the feud between the RHONJ OG and newcomer Jackie Goldschneider.

“I’ve been around [the] family, I mean for me, I’ve been around it a very long time. I’ve seen fights come and go. That’s it — they come and go just like most families that can get through things,” the 48-year-old explained about the relationship between the 46-year-old and her sister-in-law. “Like, last year they were best friends.”

As far as the duo going at each others’ throats during the reunion, well, Dolores doesn’t exactly feel like it’s her place to judge. “I don’t think she meant anything by that but that was something between Teresa and Melissa that I think nobody else really understands — that was between them,” she said. “That was a language they were speaking to each other.”

But she did feel like she could comment on one bit of drama … Tre’s reaction to the seating arrangement that placed Melissa on the opposite couch from her. “That’s protocol for the reunion. That’s so stupid — of course you don’t know where you’re sitting until you get there. It shouldn’t have even been brought up. Nobody picks their seat. Your seat is picked for you,” she revealed.

When it comes to Teresa and RHONJ newbie Jackie, she didn’t think there was much to be salvaged there. “I think that Jackie, you know I’ve seen that chemistry between two people before and I don’t think it’s anything but bad chemistry,” she explained.

“Jackie’s not going to understand Teresa and then it’s going to spark Teresa getting angry by the way she might say something,” she continued. “I think they both speak different languages to each other.”

Overall, the RHONJ star hopes she can stay neutral with both Melissa and support Teresa as she has been. “I feel bad that it looked as though I have bad, hard feelings toward Melissa and I don’t. You know we all bicker from time to time,” she said. “My heart went out to Teresa because I felt like she was going through something and you know, I mean it was just a very weird emotional time the way things were going and I think a lot of it had to do with what Teresa’s facing very soon.”

Reporting by Diana Cooper.