From The Situation to The Inspiration to The Fitspiration! Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is laying off the meatballs in preparation for his upcoming nuptials to his stunning fiancée, Lauren Pesce. Nothing like a little weight loss to put you in the mood to say “I do,” right? “I’ve been shredding for the wedding!” the Jersey Shore Family Vacation star told Life & Style. “I work out five to six days a week. I’m on the keto diet and the weight is definitely starting to come off.”

The Situation, 36, wasn’t always so healthy, though. The once hard-partying guido credits his college sweetheart with saving his life after a longtime battle with prescription addiction. “Lauren stood by me through my worst time,” Mike noted. “So now, three years later, she deserves me at my best.” How amazing!



Now despite Sitch’s assurances that the “weight is coming off,” there’s no denying that a major plot point in JSFV Season 2 is, well, Mike stuffing his face. Naturally, the fans have noticed. However, The Situation takes it all in stride. In fact, he’s the first person to poke fun at his extreme appetite on Instagram.

Taking on the nickname “Big Daddy Sitch” or “BDS” for short, Mike 100 percent embraces his love of food and encourages others to do the same! So much so, that he’s basically become a bona fide Jersey Shore meme-master. In fact, he’s gone as far to coin phrases like: “We cheat on our diets, not our women,” “treat thyself,” and “to be a snack or to eat one?”



At the end of the day, we’re all just happy to see Mike living his best sober life. Here’s hoping he hits all of his weight loss goals ahead of his big day! We’re sure if he needs a little extra push, he can call on everyone’s favorite keto guido: Vinny Guadagnino. After all, Vin is so dedicated to his diet that he won’t even eat pizza when he’s drunk. That’s dedication, y’all.

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