Can you believe it's been nearly twelve years since Veronica Mars first premiered? Even after all that time, Kristen Bell's character is forever one of our faves. She's strong-willed, smart, sassy, and independent — and taught us so much about life!

Scroll down to see seven life lessons Veronica taught us.

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Never let anyone diminish your worth.

veronica mars 2

After all, who said being a girl and a teenager lessens your credibility as a private investigator?

You don't have to put up with people's crap.

veronica mars 1

If someone won't leave you alone, it's perfectly fine to throw their drink in their face.

Show people you mean business.

veronica mars 3

Though it may not be the smartest idea to shoot them with a paint ball gun.

Be your biggest fan.

veronica mars 4

Veronica knew she was a good person – she didn't need anyone's affirmation.

Don't let yourself get TOO paranoid.

veronica mars 5

Or the next thing you know you'll be hiring a private investigator to search for a problem that isn't actually there.

Not everyone needs to know your business.

veronica mars 6

Let the reason why you threw a drink in someone's face remain a mystery.

Do what you think is right – regardless of what the people around you are doing.

veronica mars 7

If Veronica gave in to peer pressure, she wouldn't be besties with Wallace.