His journey is coming to an end! The Bachelor star Matt James chose his final four contestants during week 7’s episode on February 15. We have all the details on the ladies heading to hometown dates during season 25 and spoilers about Matt’s final two, including who he reportedly ends up with. To learn more, keep reading!

Who are the contestants going to hometowns?

The North Carolina native’s final four contestants are Serena Pitt, Bri Springs, Michelle Young and Rachael Kirkconnell. The leading man will have the opportunity to meet their families without leaving the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania.

The cast and crew has not been traveling during the season due to health and safety precautions amid the coronavirus pandemic. That being said, each contestant’s family members will be traveling to the east coast resort, where the entirety of season 25 has been filmed, and will most likely quarantine before meeting Matt.

If you just can’t wait to see what happens, keep reading for more season 25 spoilers! Caution: Matt’s finale details are below. 

Who’s in Matt James’ final two?

Sadly, Serena gets sent home following her hometown date with Matt, according to Reality Steve. Later, Bri is eliminated after her overnight date with Matt, making his final two contestants Michelle and Rachael.

Who does Matt James end up with?

*Drum roll, please.*  “Matt chose Rachael and is still with her,” Reality Steve previously wrote. However, he doesn’t know whether or not they’re engaged. In addition to Reality Steve’s reporting, a Bachelor fan account called BachSleuthers discovered a possible clue pointing to Rachael as the winner.

In January, Matt’s Spotify account revealed he was listening to Rachael’s “Night Drive” playlist. “Why would Matt be listening to the playlist of a girl he didn’t choose, and therefore wouldn’t be in contact with since the show ended? It really does look like a major slip on his part that he got caught on,” Reality Steve questioned after learning about the post.

Matt also sparked speculation with the weekly charcuterie boards he’s been making on social media before each new episode. Rachael’s ABC bio says the way to her heart is through a meat and cheese board, so fans have been taking it as a sign.

Some reports have surfaced claiming Matt and Rachael have split amid her social media controversy, where the contestant was accused of bullying and racism. The Georgia native publicly apologized for her actions on February 11. However, the real estate analyst has remained hush-hush about his current relationship status.

Whether the season 25 couple’s romance lasted or not, an insider told Life & Style Matt has been “supportive” of Rachael. “He has to be careful what he says on social and to the media, but he definitely wants to protect her and will be there for her when she does release her statement,” explained the insider.


What we do know for certain is that Matt’s season has a fairytale ending. “Matt is being Matt, and we’re going to get the Matt we all love. He’s extremely happy,” his BFF Tyler Cameron gushed during a December 2020 YouTube video. “He loves the girls. He spoke so highly of them. There are so many great girls; he says he’s really pushing himself to be vulnerable to put himself out there, and I think you’re going to get a great season and a great Matt.”

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