Ready for love! Bachelor contestant Bri Springs is already extremely accomplished in her career and is hoping Matt James will be her guy. See her job, hometown and more below.

What Is Bri’s Job?

The 24-year-old worked as a communications manager for a “high-profile social media company,” according to her ABC bio. However, during the February 15 episode, Bri told Matt she quit her job in order to stay and compete on the reality dating show.

After the episode aired, she joked on Instagram that she was “trying to get [her] job back” and posted a photo of herself laughing on the phone.

Bri Springs Job Matt James The Bachelor
Courtesy Bri Springs/Instagram

Chris Harrison previously dished about the contestant’s interesting job. “I’m not allowed to say what tech company, and I don’t want to put her job in jeopardy,” the ABC host said in December while announcing the contestants. “But it is a big one, so much so that she almost wasn’t on the show because of it.”

Locking down her dream job is what led Bri to look for love. “With her professional life intact, she is ready to focus on her personal life and find the man of her dreams,” her bio says.

There’s no denying Bri’s work ethic. The Bachelor Nation babe was raised by her mother and grandmother, “who made countless sacrifices to give her a fighting shot at having a successful life.” For that reason, she “always outworked everyone around her” because everything in life is “earned, not promised.”

Where Is Bri From?

The contestant is from San Francisco, California, where she currently works. That’s not to say she’s rooted in the northwest for life. Bri loves to travel, according to her Instagram, @brisprings. She posted photos from Miami, Florida, Malibu, California and Jamaica over the past year.

“Her dream is to live in Kauai and to live the island life eating nothing but sushi, swimming in the ocean and hiking,” says her bio. 

What Happens With Her and Matt?

Bri seems like a great fit for Matt because she describes herself as “very laid-back” and “someone who is not embarrassed easily.”

“She says that she is always the alpha in the relationship but would love to find someone who can challenge her and keep life interesting and exciting,” continues her bio. “It’s very rare that she spends a weekend indoors and not outside hiking or hanging at the park and nearby beaches. One day, Bri hopes to have two or three kids of her own.”

The Bachelor Bri Springs
ABC/Craig Sjodin

As for Matt, he told Good Morning America in June he’s “looking qualities” his “mom embodies,” including someone who is “selfless, honest, caring [and] compassionate.”

“Those are qualities found in women all shape, sizes and races, and it’s not a Black or white thing,” the real estate analyst added. “So, I’m hoping that when that limo pulls up there is a lot of diversity, and I see every type of woman coming out of that limo.”

In addition, Bri isn’t afraid to have tough conversations with the leading man. A teaser from their fantasy suite date shows the San Francisco native point-blank asking Matt if he’s ready to get engaged after “such a short period of time.”

See Spoilers About Bri and Matt Below!

Caution: Spoilers! Bri made it to the top four contestants along with Michelle YoungRachael Kirkconnell and Serena Pitt. She also secured a spot for fantasy suite dates when Serena eliminated herself after hometowns. Sadly, it does not look like Bri makes it much further because Michelle and Rachael are reportedly Matt’s final two

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Bri!