If anyone can fly high, it would be The Bachelorette season 19 lead Rachel Recchia! She’s ready to start her own journey for love, and there’s no denying that the Bachelor Nation star is a total catch. Keep reading to learn more details about the leading lady.

What is Rachel Recchia’s job?

The Chicago native, 26, works as a commercial pilot and flight instructor. Her Instagram account, which is under the username @pilot.rachel, is filled with videos and photos of herself in planes.

She completed her “last flight” at KUNI, located in Athens, Ohio, in June 2021. “Hire me,” the reality star wrote in a hashtag via Instagram commemorating the moment after graduating from Ohio University.

Who Is Rachel Recchia? Clayton's Bachelor Contestant
Courtesy of Rachel Recchia/Instagram

Where does Rachel Recchia live?

Rachel’s job has relocated her outside of Orlando, Florida. Given that she has a passion for flying, she also loves to travel. Rachel has included several highlights on her Instagram profile, featuring her visits to multiple countries, including Italy and Thailand.

Where did Rachel Recchia go to college?

Although Rachel doesn’t look back on old times too much, she has kept several memories on her Instagram page from when she was a cheerleader at Ohio University.

She appeared to have liked being a daredevil when it came to stunts, as she even uploaded a picture of herself on Instagram “stunting” on a beach in Michigan in 2014.

Who has Rachel Recchia dated?

Rachel fell head-over-heels for Bachelor star Clayton Echard during season 26. She was a major frontrunner all season, but the former football player broke things off with her and Gabby Windey to pursue a relationship with Susie Evans.

“I don’t believe you were in love with me at all,” Rachel told him during the season 26 finale. “I don’t even know what your version of love is now since we last talked about it. I know I loved you, that was really obvious.”

Before Clayton, Rachel dated someone, who she said was “not supportive” of her job as a pilot. During season 26, she said her ex thought she would eventually cheat on him because she would be traveling all the time for her career.

“It showed me that I never ever want to experience love like that again,” she told Clayton at the time, calling her ex’s love “conditional.”

Now, she’s getting a second chance at love!

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