If anyone can fly high, it would be The Bachelor’s season 26 contestant Rachel Recchia! As the Monday, January 3 premiere for the upcoming season approaches, fans are curious about who this new woman is coming into the Bachelor Nation.

After finishing in eighth place of Michelle Young’s season 18 of The Bachelorette, former football player Clayton Echard was reported to be the frontrunner of The Bachelor’s new season.

The Missouri native showed his excitement for the premiere of his upcoming season via Instagram on December 15, 2021.

“Meet the women,” Clayton captioned a video of the various contestants from season 26. “It’s safe to say I was happily overwhelmed this journey and here’s a sneak peek of 31 incredible reasons why!”

Keep reading to learn more details about Rachel Recchia.

Who Is Rachel Recchia? Clayton's Bachelor Contestant
Courtesy of Rachel Recchia/Instagram

Rachel Recchia Is a Pilot

The Chicago native works as a pilot and flight instructor. According to her Instagram bio, which is under the username @pilot.rachel, she labels herself as a commercial pilot and a flight instructor.

The pilot included multiple videos and photos of herself at work on her account.

“When you have to land rwy 7 on your last flight at kuni,” Rachel captioned a photo of her standing in front of a small plane via Instagram on July 24.

Rachel Recchia Seemingly Has a Close Friendship With a Fellow Pilot

Rachel has shared multiple photos that feature a man, Nathaniel Bulle, per his Instagram profile, who appears to be a coworker and friend. Most of their posts together are seemingly taken from working as pilots.

“Nate always posts the same picture as me,” Rachel captioned an Instagram post on September 18, 2021, with the two of them sitting beside each other in a plane, wearing their aviation headsets.

Rachel and Nathaniel appeared to have visited Universal Studios in Florida together that month. “Go ahead, make my millennium,” she previously wrote via Instagram on September 5 of that year. In the photo, Rachel was leaning her hands on Nathaniel’s shoulder, as he smiled for the camera.

Rachel Has Traveled Around the World

Given that she has a passion for flying, Rachel has included several highlights on her Instagram profile, featuring her various visits to multiple countries, including Italy and Thailand.

Based on her social media posts, this new Bachelor contestant seems to enjoy an adventurous lifestyle.

Rachel Was a Cheerleader in the Past

Although Rachel doesn’t look back on old times too much, she has kept several memories on her Instagram page from when she was a cheerleader. She cheered for Ohio University, according to Cosmopolitan.

She appeared to have liked being a daredevil when it came to stunts, as she even uploaded a picture of herself on Instagram “stunting” on a beach in Michigan in 2014.