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Fans were stunned on Dec. 4 when singer Timothy Heller accused former NBC The Voice contestant Melanie Martinez of sexually assaulting her. While some are accusing Timothy of lying to get fame or attention, she’s actually famous in her own right. Scroll down to learn about the beautiful musician.

Timothy used to live with Melanie Martinez.

In Timothy’s shocking message accusing Melanie of assaulting her, she mentions that Melanie “took her in” and that they lived together for a time. Melanie did not dispute this point in her response, and photos of the two together prove just how much time they spent with each other at the peak of their friendship.

Melanie Martinez, Twitter

Timothy and Melanie (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Timothy was a member of the band Dresses.

Timothy was a member of the pop duo Dresses since 2013, until she went solo in 2017. She explained to Atwood Magazine why she left the band. “My experience in Dresses was a lot darker than anyone let on: I was struggling a lot with mental illness, and had an extremely unsupportive team around me. I was subject to a lot of mental abuse but kept around because they needed my voice for the band. By the end, I had been convinced I was a s—-y musician. I eventually couldn’t take the stress of working with people like that anymore and cut off Dresses entirely.”

Timothy lives in LA.

Timothy’s Twitter shows that she lives in LA, where she can focus on her solo music career.


“Sleep” is Timothy’s first solo single.

Timothy released her first solo song “Sleep” in October. Timothy said the dreamy pop song was inspired by her friend, but came to represent her own life. “I wrote this song when I was probably 18,” she said. “My best friend’s boyfriend had just cheated on her. I wrote this song starting from his perspective, trying to win her back. My friend’s reaction when she was opening up to me when this happened was that she just wanted to sleep it away. So the chorus is from her perspective. Basically, the reason I’m putting out a song I wrote when I was 18, is me getting back into doing something, music, that ended up being really painful for me the last time around.” You can listen to the song on Spotify.

She was an avid Viner.

Of course, Vine died in 2016, but before that Timothy used it to make funny videos and covers, and to share goofy things she saw around town. She amassed over 350,000 loops before the platform was shut down.