Her parents were once part of one the biggest power couples in Hollywood, and now, for better or worse, Violet Affleck is one of the most recognizable celebrity children on the planet. Her parents, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, may no longer be together, but from what we can see, the adorable 11-year-old is happy as clam and living life in a super down-to-earth way. Here’s everything you need to know about Violet Affleck.

She’s Ben and Jen’s eldest child.

Despite the fact Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were (are?) two of the most scrutinized people in the world, it can be kind of hard keeping up with their kids since there seems to be so many of them! Here’s the lowdown: There are three kiddos — Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 5. And, yes, they’re all adorable and look like one or both of their famous parents.

violet affleck

Violet and her mom are legit twins.

Lucky girl! Little Violet, who’s often seen happily holding hands with her mom, looks SO much like Jennifer Garner. Listen, Violet, like the rest of the Affleck kids, had very enviable gene pools available to her — but being a spitting image of the Daredevil actress? Not a bad deal at all.

violet affleck

She’s not impressed with her dad.

When your dad is Batman and your mom is Elektra, it’s understandable that it would take a lot to impress you. Such is the case with Violet, apparently. Earlier on this year when her famous father received the humanitarian award for the charity work he’s done in the Congo, Ben jokingly told the audience that when he told Violet what he was being awarded with, she simply said, “Yeah, Dad. Mom already has that one.” Burn!

She’s a big Radio Disney fan.

She’s 11, so duh, right? During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ben confessed that Violet and all of her friends live for Radio Disney — as well as the Disney channel. (Obvi.) “I don’t know how much Radio Disney you listen to, but I hear quite a bit,” the Argo actor confessed to Ellen. “When we get in the car, it’s got to come on right away. It’s got to stay on the whole time. I hear a lot about the romantic adventures of Disney characters who are on the Disney Channel.”

She also loves Taylor Swift.

Because, again, 11. During that same show, the actor and director said that his eldest daughter loves Taylor Swift. “We go to Taylor Swift concerts. And that’s my life,” he joked. However, Ben was quick to add that he thinks Taylor is a “great role model.” Wonder if he’s heard her new song?

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