Welcome to Riverdale, Charles Smith! Viewers were introduced to Charles "Chic" Smith last week during the mid-season premiere of the hit teen drama. Fans have been excitedly waiting to meet Betty and Polly Cooper's long lost brother — and the wait is finally over. But, now we're left wondering: Who plays Charles Smith?

Last October, TVLine revealed that Hart Denton was cast to play the long-lost Cooper brother in Season 2. The character was first introduced in the Season 1 finale when viewers discovered that Betty’s mom, Alice, got pregnant in high school and gave the baby — aka Chic — up for adoption.

"Chic's got some skeletons but he's a sweet guy, too," Hart explained in an interview. "There's a lot of layers to Chic that I'm excited for the world of Riverdale to kind of peal back and see because he… The thing with Chic is he's had a crazy upbringing with Alice… sending him off and sort of, then, that full circle coming back around in a time of an intense time in the Cooper house. I feel like Chic is coming into this situation at the perfect moment."

And according to fan response on Twitter, his portrayal of the troubled teenager didn't disappoint. In fact, he's already sparked loads of consipiracy theories ranging from the fact that he's the Black Hood to an imposter.

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"So my sister, mom, and I have a theory that Chic “Cooper” is not Alice’s son or Betty’s brother. He is a psychopath who murdered the real son in foster care and then assumed his identity and has something to do with the Black Hood. Could be reaching but we will see," one fan shared on Twitter. Another added, "Is there a reason Alice put Chic’s last name as Smith instead of Cooper?
Perhaps it’s because Chic may not be a Cooper? Hmmm…"

Not only, have fans embraced the character, but the other Riverdale actors have welcomed Hart into the Archie Comics family as well. Lili Reinhart (who plays Betty) has posted photos on Instagram with her "brother" and joked with him on Twitter. We hope this is a sign that he's here to stay!