Why doesn't John Cena want kids? The WWE Superstar was very clear and straight forward about his stance on not wanting children when he first started dating his ex-fiancée Nikki Bella, and sadly, it's also what eventually led to their split. At first, Nikki was so in love with John that she thought she could sacrifice not being a mother if it meant that she would have her man, but in a recent episode of E!'s hit reality TV series Total Bellas, Nikki revealed that she couldn't give up motherhood.

"I think, just because we’re getting married and everything is so permanent, but it’s giving me a bit of anxiety knowing it’s like, 'Okay, the day [the wedding] comes, that’s it, the mom thing is done,'" Nikki told John. "And I would never force you to be a dad — I don’t want that ever."

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But John had very specific reasons for why he didn't want to be a father — and it all had to do with him and his career. "I know I cannot handle raising a child. And just because everyone else is happy with children doesn't mean that's how I have to live," John honestly admitted in a 2016 interview with Rolling Stone. "I've been upfront about this. I just have things I need to get done. It's not negotiable. We've been to therapy over it. I don't think it will ever be over with. I'm stubborn as f–k and extremely selfish as well. I don't want kids, I don't want marriage. That's me just saying, 'Hey, this is my life and this is how I'm going to live.'"

While it was true that he also was adamant about the fact that he didn't want to get married again after his divorce from his first wife, John eventually changed his mind and proposed to Nikki during Wrestlemania 33 last April. The couple planned to get married earlier this year but they never made it down the aisle because Nikki called off the wedding and the couple split just weeks before their May 5, 2018 wedding date.

Ever since their split, it seems like John had time to reflect and he finally decided to change his mind about having children and he publicly professed his love for Nikki during an interview on the Today show earlier this month in an emotional plea to win her back. "I love her, I want to be with her, I want to make her my wife, I want to be the father of her children," John said. "I just want us to work." Watch the video below to find out how Nikki reacted to John's plea in our exclusive interview!