Happy WinIt Wednesday, everyone! The best day of the week to win amazing prizes.

Now that the weather is cooling down and we’ve started tackling our post-summer pile of laundry, it’s time to turn our place of rest into home sweet home again. But, there's just one thing: it’s a disaster. This summer didn't help our cleaning game. Sorry, sticky floors and neglected bathroom. If your home looks like it's in need of some TLC, then it’s time to tidy up!

But, we don’t expect you to actually use your precious time to do it. Besides, there are plenty of early fall activities that we plan on doing, like waiting in line for the first few PSLs of the season and going apple picking for the perfect Instagram shot. We get it. That’s why we’re giving two winners the chance to win a Wi-Fi-enabled iRobot Roomba 890 — the robot that vacuums for you!


This particular model we're giving away detects where there is the most dirt, so you might cut corners when it comes to cleaning up dust bunnies, but this robot won’t — it has 5x more power than older models. And it’s also wary of its surroundings, having cliff-detect sensors that prevent it from taking a spill down your stairs. You can also control it using the iRobot HOME app from your smartphone anytime, anywhere. We like that.

And the best part? This prize also comes with your new favorite snack: Farm Rich Avocado Slices. Try taking just one of these premium Hass avocado slices coated with an ancho-chile pepper breading. They're just too good. Try your luck at snatching this prize duo for yourself worth over $500! Enter HERE now for your chance to win it.