Never has a fictional story about losing virginity made us feel all the feelings.

As any ‘90s kid knows, there was no sweeter young romance quite like the one between Winnie Cooper and Kevin Arnold on The Wonder Years.

On the pilot episode in 1988, the tweens, played by Danica McKellar and Fred Savage, respectively, shared their first kiss on a rock while “When a Man Loves a Woman” played. It was actually their first kiss in real life.

Fast forward to the season finale in 1993 when they found themselves passionately making out in a barn after they got soaked in a rainstorm. Viewers questioned if they had gone all the way. That question has remained unanswered — until now!

“I think it was written so that people could make their own interpretation. So it’s really whatever people want it to be. That’s as real as it actually gets,” the perfection that is Danica told Cosmopolitan, before adding, “I think they did. I think they probably did. That’s all I can say!”

And there you have it. We hope your ‘90s hearts are complete.

We’ll now be watching the new DVD set of the complete series and reliving our glory days for the rest of the afternoon. BYE.

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Josh Saviano (Paul Pfeiffer), Fred and Danica (Photo Credit: Getty)