We feel this comment in our bones, y’all. Pregnant comedian Amy Schumer is always coming up with zingers and she recently let one loose on one of Kim Kardashian’s recent Instagram posts!

On Nov. 28, Kim K posted one of her classic thirst pics on Instagram –– what we mean is, she was looking like a total babe, she KNEW it, and she wanted to show it off. OK, OK, that’s pretty much every pic that Kim posts, but we digress! Kim can be seen sitting on the floor in a low-cut snakeskin print dress, with her more than ample chest on full display. Kim’s caption was simple: “Fittings…” Ugh, if only our own fittings were this glamorous. Usually, we’re tripping over our own pant legs in a too-small dressing room.

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Then, Amy swooped in with her own simple, yet hilarious comment: “Same.” Talk about relatable! Amy is always a breath of fresh air when it comes to saying what we’re all thinking (that’s what great comics do!) but this one totally takes the cake. Amy has been dealing with a lot thus far in her pregnancy, including a hyperemesis diagnosis that has left her with severe bouts of vomiting. Recently, she even took to Instagram herself to show off the not-so-glamorous side to her pregnancy by posting a vid of her losing her lunch en route to her own show, up in Tarrytown, NY. She’s been taking it in stride, though, and always takes the opportunity to laugh at herself.


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While Kim K and Amy hail from two different sides of celebrity life, we really loved seeing them intersect in the world of the internet. Maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship –– I mean, who wouldn’t be down for the BFF power couple that Kim and Amy could be? Although, the duo truly might be too powerful for their own good, so maybe we should keep that one to ourselves for a while. Unless you ladies wanna make a movie together? Wink, wink.