Super hot, a little weird, hilarious… sounds like model Cara Delevingne! The 26-year-old model is known for being fun, quirky, and good with a laugh, so maybe that’s why she took to social media to share a throwback video of her, well, crawling around bald and naked, doing a Gollum impression. Yes, from Lord of the Rings. But the model’s caption lead us to a pretty interesting conclusion –– she’s not single anymore, which means there’s a good chance she’s still dating actress Ashley Benson. Let us explain.

On Nov. 29, Cara posted a hilarious throwback video on Instagram of herself doing a Gollum impression, being her usual zany self. Her caption, however, gave us more serious insights into her life today. “#TBT I still don’t understand why I was single… #setlife #golum #beautiful,” the blonde model wrote, giving us some context on the timing of the video with her “set life” hashtag. It makes sense it would have been shot sometime while Cara was filming Life In A Year, the movie she shaved her head for. But, the choice of the word was in her caption is definitely not lost on us, here!

Cara and Ashley secretly dated for months before bringing their relationship public in August, so it’s no surprise things have been mum about them ever since. But thanks to Cara’s caption, we can definitely surmise the couple is as strong as ever! We get it, Cara, you’re saying you were single, but now no longer. Allow us to not only fawn over your beauty, your modeling career, and now, your girlfriend, too. Anyone else have a girl crush on Ashley that goes back to the Pretty Little Liars days? Thought so.

Since the couple haven’t officially confirmed a split, we’re just gonna have to take Cara’s Insta caption as gospel for now. Let us know what the deal is, ladies. You two are wayyy too cute for us to be in the dark about this!