Um, excuse us, J.Lo, but what’s that on your hand?! Alex Rodriguez took Jennifer Lopez to Game 2 of the World Series on Oct. 24, and while the former baller was excited for his girlfriend to show off “the sign,” fans were wayyyy more focused on Jenny’s huge new ring than her hand signals. Now the question everyone’s dying to know is: are they engaged?

“Alright, here we are at Fenway,” said A-Rod in an Instagram video taken from the stands. “After four and a half… two to one, Dodgers! Jennifer, what’s the sign?” he asked, turning the camera on the beauty as she squints her eyes and does goofy fake baseball signals. “Alright, there you have it, looks like a hit and run, back to you, Joe!” The video is cute and silly, but the most notable part is the big ol’ rock on Jen’s hand.

“Yoooooo did somebody get their ring?! Forget the finals, tell me this is real!” said one excited fan. Another agreed, saying, “That’s a big rock for Jenny from the block!”  A third chimed in, saying, “What is that bling @jlo are you love birds engaged? 💕💕❤️🎉.”

While the very large diamond appears to be on her right hand, some fans thought that the video may actually be mirrored. “She’s actually on opposite side, watch her video, it’s on her left and she’s sitting to the right of him,” said a follower. It would appear that fan could potentially be right, as J.Lo’s Insta story from the same night shows her on the other side of her boo, and even appears to give a quick glimpse at the ring on her left hand. Of course, it’s possible her video is the one that’s flipped.


Alex even seems to confirm the news when a pal wrote, “The sign I see is engagement!” with several diamond emojis. A-Rod responded by saying, “Hi Kimberly! Miss you guys!” and a thumbs up emoji. Definitely strange for him not to even acknowledge the engagement comment!

So far, the couple has not announced an engagement. But fans have expected the news for quite some time now. Jen and Alex have been dating for about a year and a half, first going public in March 2017. They’ve spent time with each others’ kids, gone on vacation as a family, and stayed pretty much inseparable since they first got together. We can’t wait to hear what’s next from them!