Here we go again! Fans are speculating that Justin Bieber is expecting a baby with his new fiancée Hailey Baldwin on Oct. 1, after dad Jeremy Bieber posted a photo with his son holding his new little sister, along with a rather suspicious Instagram caption. 

“To be Father #Bieber’s,” wrote Jeremy alongside the photo, which shows Justin holding his new daughter Bay Bieber, who he welcomed with wife Chelsey Bieber just one month ago. The duo is also surrounded by Justin’s other siblings, who are staring lovingly at the littlest of the group. Of course, all fans could really focus on was the caption, which doesn’t make grammatical sense any way you slice it, but seems to insinuate that someone there is a father-to-be, and considering Jeremy just had a baby, fans are guessing it isn’t him.

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To be Father #Bieber’s

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“Ummmm the caption??” wrote one fan. Others were equally confused. “Is this you announcing that Justin is going to be a dad?” asked a commenter, while another said, “Is this saying Justin is gonna be a dad? ?.” “TO BE FATHER BIEBERS PLURAL WHAT OH MY GODDDD,” chimed in another.

Of course, there could easily be another explanation. One fan tried to explain it by saying, “maybe he worded it wrong. It could mean he is the father of them all in the picture. Even step father to Chelsey’s daughter.” Meanwhile another suggested that he meant, “to be a father,” and #Biebers was referring to having all of his kids in one place.

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Regardless of the meaning, his future wife Hailey seemed to enjoy it. She left a string of emoji hearts in the comments. Justin wasn’t happy the last time someone suggested Hailey was pregnant, so we doubt he would be thrilled by the speculation now, unless it was intentional. Back in July, not long after their engagement, a cameraman asked Justin if Hailey was expecting, and he clapped back saying, “I just don’t understand why you gotta try to get a rise, you know what I’m saying?”