WTF were you thinking, girl? Maquel Cooper — one of the many women competing for Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s heart on Season 22 of The Bachelor — issued a statement on Saturday, Jan. 6, apologizing for posting a racially insensitive throwback photo in 2012.

Maquel, 23, drew ire from fans after a reddit user shared a pic of the Utah native posing with friends, while wearing brown makeup and fake mustaches. “Maquelle, maybe before considering yourself a ‘public figure’ on instagram look back at your old posts to make sure you don’t come across as a racist,” the reddit user wrote.

Maquel’s five-year-old post (which has since been deleted) was captioned, “Insane night. #tbt #marco #jose #louie #ugly #pranknight #bff #mexicans #baileywoolley #reesehigbee.” In response to a fury of backlash, the reality TV newbie claimed that her decision to mock Mexicans came at a time when she was “unenlightened” and “uninformed.”

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“Five years ago, I made a regretful choice for a costume. It came at a time when I was unenlightened and uninformed. I apologize to anybody who was offended by my choices,” she told TV Guide. “I am sorry for what I did and take full responsibility for my mistake.”

But some fans aren’t buying Maquel’s apology. “GTFO here b—h. Once a racist always a racist,” one tweeted, while another added, “Honestly shame on ABC for continually casting racists on #TheBachelor and #TheBachelorette. Maquel is no better than Lee [Garrett from Rachel Lindsay’s Season 13 of The Bachelorette].”

Maquel’s social media snafu comes weeks after her ex-husband, Josh Munday, opened up about his former spouse in an exclusive interview with Life & Style. According to Josh, 25, Maquel’s religious beliefs (which are questionable at this point, now that we know she isn’t afraid to make fun of others’ cultures) might get in the way of the typical behavior that goes down on The Bachelor.

“There was no infidelity, [and] she was never rude or malicious or anything of the sort. It was just two young people that were the best of friends that got married a bit too early,” Josh said. “Maquel is a very religious person. I know she’s not going to be on the show drinking. She’s not the type to jump into the fantasy suite.”

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