One day into Bachelor in Paradise and it’s already clear that Bibiana Julian is going to be one of our absolute favorites this season. But TBH, we’ve been a fan since day one. Even before Arie Luyendyk Jr.‘s season of The Bachelor kicked off, Bibi had already won fans over with her official bio. She said she loves art, but also wants to be art. And she was a cheerleader, but always hated football! “[Bibiana] mixes nonsequiturs with contradictions, and I’m so confused and so in love,” wrote one Elle writer at the time. Chris Harrison agreed. “She spices things up,” he told People magazine. “She has a big personality and has her own pithy observations and judgments, and she’s not afraid to make those known. She has no fears about standing up for herself or to anybody.”

But ever since she first showed up on our TV screens, she’s just gotten better and better. The 30-year-old Florida native dropped both mics and one-liners on The Bachelor, then got (relatively) serious and vulnerable during The Bachelor Winter Games. Now, she’s just ready to have fun — and let her “hooha” take the lead. Yep, this time around, she’s all about the sun, sand, and lust before love. “I’m waiting for my hooha to whisper, ‘This is a good one,'” she told cameras. And she’s got her priorities straight in other ways, too. “If my ass gets blurred, I’m doing something right,” she joked. 

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So, what else do we know about the hilarious hottie hoping to clean up when it comes to collecting roses? Read on, Bachelor Nation — or, if you really can’t wait, just check out our spoilers on who ends up with who in Paradise

She’s dated a couple different guys in the Bachelor Family.

Arie, obviously, was the first, but definitely not her only pseudo-boyfriend in the Bach world. During Winter Games, she tried out a few different romances — including one with Kevin Wendt, the Canadian firefighter who went on to get serious with (and then dumped by) Ashley Iaconetti. The couple only went on one date, but now that they’re back together in bathing suits instead of snow suits, who knows where things could go? 

She also had a wintery romance with Jordan Mauger, a contestant from The Bachelor: New Zealand, and as luck would have it, this one lasted a little bit longer. But when it came time to decide whether or not they were going to leave the show as a couple, Bibi got cold feet and called it quits. “You find this amazing guy who makes you laugh, who makes you feel all these things, who you just have like these crazy coincidences and you can’t believe he’s right in front of you but then you just rushed,” she said. “And you realize that you’re not on the same page… I wish I could just switch it off in my mind and give him everything.” Yeah, it still hurts. 

Her face is everything. 

From reaction shots to colorful commentary, Bibi does it all. Honestly, watching her is one of the best parts of watching whatever Bachelor Nation show she’s on. And we’re not the only ones who think so. She’s also built up her own following and fan-base across social media with her funny AF posts.

She was a popular cheerleader.

Bibiana is an executive assistant at MTV Miami, Reality Steve reports, but in another life, she was a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins, even serving as co-captain of the team and becoming Rookie of the Year. Not only that, online FHM readers picked her as America’s Sexiest Cheerleader when she was just 19. She was quick to divert the praise, though. “I think if any of our girls were in the contest, they’d have won,” she said in a press release. “It’s a Dolphin thing.”

She’s no stranger to vacations in paradise.

The brunette beauty’s no longer touring with the Dolphins, of course, but she’s still well-traveled. Her Instagram feed shows photos from her travels to Greece, Colombia, Turks & Caicos, and Mexico. She even joined the birthday vacation trip for WAGS Miami star Astrid Bavarsco.

And she’s not afraid to get graphic.

Aside from talking about her hooha whispering and her booty getting blurred, she’s also been pretty frank about other bodily issues. Her first move in paradise? Let BFF Eric Bigger pick her nose for her. One of the show’s producers also got pretty up in there, checking the cave for bats if you will. And her original Bachelor bio also fessed up about her guilty pleasure popping pimples. “I know, gross!” she said, but was still more than happy to share. But hey, we stan a confident queen.