Thinking about getting a boob job? Bachelor alum Nikki Ferrell‘s experience might scare you off! In honor of Throwback Thursday, she shared a personal story on Instagram about getting a breast augmentation after years of hating her flat chest.

After posting a pre-enhancement boudoir-style photo, she opened up about all the negative backlash she received. But it wasn’t the comments about her lack of cleavage that made her want to get her boobs done — it was for her own peace of mind. Watch the video below to hear Nikki’s story:

Nikki was the last girl standing on Season 18 of The Bachelor, snagging Juan Pablo Galavis‘ final rose. The pair called it quits several months after their controversial finale, during which Juan Pablo refused to say “I love you” and didn’t propose. Now, she’s happily married to Tyler Vanloo, and even happier that she’s totally dunzo with that fake boob phase.

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