Being famous can really suck sometimes. An explicit Snapchat video that appears to show Bella Thorne masturbating in a car made the rounds on Twitter recently, but the actress was quick to point out that the clip isn’t real — aka some creep edited snippets from her social media into a porno.

“Hahahahaha wait you guys think this is real? Hahahaha. I don’t even masterbate [sic] like that. Where’s the vibrator thooo,” the 19-year-old tweeted after seeing the X-rated vid, which also features an unidentified voice saying, “I really needed a father.”

Bella, whose dad died in a motorcycle accident when she was just nine years old, was particularly disturbed by the inclusion of the voiceover. “The worst part of this video is them making fun of the fact that I lost my father. You’re right. Me being daddyless is sooooo funny,” she wrote.

Over the last year, fans have noticed a drastic change in the redhead’s appearance and demeanor, which many believe is Bella’s way of distancing herself from the Disney Channel persona that made her a star. She’s even been hanging around Scott Disick, who’s known for his hard partying and struggles with substance abuse. But The Duff actress has made it clear that she’s never been with the father-of-three “sexually.”

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Bella and Scott in May.

As for dealing with cyber-bullies, the Florida native has said, “They all think they know what they’re talking about. And they think they know your life and they get their friends to trash you… I’m letting kids know, like, ‘If somebody’s being rude to you, you have the right to stick up for yourself!’ When I see [bullying] on other people’s pages, I respond because it irks me to my core.”

Keep doing you, girl!