Cops have a new way of taking down criminals — with a device straight from Batman’s utility belt! 

The newly invented BolaWrap shoots a Kevlar string which wraps around a suspect’s legs, arms or body and immobilizes them safely, like a move by the comic book character.  Watch the video above for details and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTubeChannel

The BolaWrap, around the size of a mobile phone, has a laser-spot sight, shoots in a fraction of a second and could revolutionize policing and spell the end for deadly electro-shocking tasers.

Renowned Private Investigator and former NYPD Homicide Detective Bo Dietl is so impressed, he thinks officers across the country will be carrying them soon. 

He told Life & Style: “Its gonna revolutionize policing! It’s the only non-lethal piece of equipment to have been produced in the last 50 to 100 years. People die from Tasers because of their 50,000 volts of electricity. This is non-lethal people can’t die, but they are immobilized in less than a second.” 

The retired detective added he feels the BolaWrap — which he has no business interests in — is such a great invention as it captures criminals before anybody has to draw a gun.

He added: “I love cops, but I also love the community — I do not want to see another person shot down or tasered when instead the law can use this to neutralize a person. This piece of equipment is so unique — it is affective and it will help save lives.” 

The BolaWrap is currently being tested by over 30 police departments nationwide.