After the fallout with her Simple Life co-star Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton found a new bestie on the 2008 MTV reality show Paris Hilton’s My New BFF. But Season 1 winner Brittany Flickinger didn't stay in the heiress' inner circle for long. So where is she today? We’ve got the intel!

By the time Season 1 ended, Brittany and Paris seemed smitten with each other. Brit even got to accompany the Hilton family to Aspen that Christmas. “[Paris is] like my big sister,” Brittany told MTV at the time. “She does a lot for me, and I can’t wait to one day be able to pay her back for everything.”

She probably never got the chance. Paris signed up for a second season of My New BFF, telling reporters, “My BFF and I are no longer BFFs. [Brittany] has become my ex-BFF. She was really hungry for fame and fortune … like a hungry tiger.” (Rawr!) Since then, Brittany has kept a low profile — her IMDb filmography lists a few TV roles that apparently never made it to air — though she did play a part in an indie crime drama called Brothers in Arms last year.

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From the looks of her Instagram account, she’s doing a lot of modeling nowadays, and she informed followers that she’s busy with “screenplay writing, novel writing, producing, art directing, set/interior design, painting and illustration, branding, development.” That's an awful lot of hats to juggle!