Now she can look back and laugh! Cardi B and Nicki Minaj took turns taking jabs at one another in the media and on social media ever since their feud almost got physical during their fight during the New York Fashion Week Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party on Sept. 7. But now, it seems like Cardi B has a good sense of humor and she took to Instagram on Saturday, Sept. 15, to poke fun at herself after the fight.

Cardi shared a photo of an adorable little girl dressed up in a costume that seemed to be a replica of the gorgeous, red ruffled Dolce & Gabbana gown that Cardi wore to the event. “Sooooooo buteeeeee [sic] she forgot the knot,” the 25-year-old wrote in the caption, referencing the photos of herself leaving the event after the fight broke out. In the photos, Cardi clearly had a big knot over her left eye which is an injury she reportedly suffered during the altercation.

cardi b

It’s unclear how Cardi got the welt on her face, but an insider revealed to People that the lump was not the result of a blow from Nicki. “Nicki Minaj definitely did not hit Cardi. I didn’t see who hit her,” the source explained. “It was a big mob at one point. It could have been anybody. Definitely not Nicki Minaj. It was probably one of the bodyguards or it could have been one of the other girls that was in the mob — it could have been anyone. Nobody threw a fist at Cardi, but she’s really short and maybe someone elbowed her.”

At one point during the fight, multiple sources said Cardi threw a shoe at Nicki but it did not hit her. Since Cardi couldn’t settle things with Nicki at the party, she’s going to resort to settling their feud another way — with her words. Sources revealed to Life & Style that Cardi is currently working on a diss track about Nicki.