Did you know that April is Earth Month? In the days leading up to Earth Day on April 22, people across the world will be showing up to support this planet in whatever way they can.

Ideally, we’d all by treating our environment with the utmost respect every month of the year. Sadly, the fact of the matter is that sometimes staying eco-friendly all the time feels nearly impossible. 

This is especially true when it comes to shopping for clothing. Frankly, many of the biggest clothing companies engage in business practices that result in drastic environmental consequences. 

Well, one new kids’ clothing company is different: Mon Coeur

This company is about so much more than just selling clothes. They focus on two central goals: caring for our planet and caring for our children.

We were so thrilled to discover Mon Coeur, and we know you will be too. Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about this up-and-coming fashion brand.

Mon Coeur Eco-Friendly Kids Clothing
Mon Coeur

The Story of Mon Coeur

Like most businesses, the idea for Mon Coeur came about as a solution to a problem.

It all began when Louise Ulukaya, soon-to-be business founder, gave birth to her son in 2018. Naturally, as new parents do, she needed clothing for her new baby. As she surveyed all of her options, she began to realize there was a massive hole in the clothing market: sustainable, high-quality clothing was nowhere to be found.

Every mom and dad wants to give their child the best of everything this world has to offer. Of course, this consists of things like the safest crib, the softest blankets, and the most exciting toys. But for Ulukaya, this list also included clothing that doesn’t harm the environment. 

So, she set out to create a fashion brand that would meet her eco-friendly and ethical standards. 

Flash forward to January 2021, when Mon Coeur officially launched. They currently offer a line of adorable clothing for both boys and girls, ages two to nine, as well as infants.

What is so wonderful about Mon Coeur is that the brand captures the unique sense of curiosity and joy surrounding the planet that we all experience during childhood. Most children are earth-lovers from the very beginning—they’re endlessly fascinated with things like animals, nature, and the ocean. Mon Coeur allows them to fully embrace that side of themselves.

At the same time, Mon Coeur gives parents the opportunity to purchase eco-friendly clothing for their kids that is comfortable, functional, and fashionable. Just as Ulukaya initially wanted, parents can now dress their kids in environmentally-friendly outfits without sacrificing quality.

If you love the earth just as much as you love your kids, you absolutely have to check out Mon Coeur. 

Visit Mon Coeur online to check out this brand for yourself, just in time to celebrate Earth Month.

Mon Coeur Eco-Friendly Kids Clothing
Mon Coeur

How This Sustainable Clothing Brand Is Showing The Earth Some Love 

It’s easy enough for any brand or company to claim they care about this planet—but how many of them actually put their money where their mouth is?

Well, we can say with certainty that at least one of them does. 

Mon Coeur is doing wonderful things for the planet. They are truly living up to their motto, “Kids clothing that lasts, so the planet does too.” With this guiding notion in mind, the brand has determined the best way to produce their clothing to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Let’s discuss some details.

First of all, Mon Coeur sources all their fabric and accessories used in manufacturing from Europe, while the actual products are produced in Portugal. This allows them to limit carbon emissions.

Similarly, the company’s production chain includes European countries only: France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. By shortening this chain as such, Mon Coeur promotes full transparency and traceability in their production system. This ensures that everyone involved in creating these clothes is working under fair and safe conditions.

In addition, Mon Coeur uses cutting-edge science and technology to develop their clothing and all the accessories involved. Everything in their inventory, from fabrics to zippers to labels, comes from recycled and upcycled matter.

Just to show you how pro-Earth this brand is, here’s a quick breakdown of some of their materials and products: 

  • Their fabric comes from 100% recycled material, including post-industrial recycled cotton, recycled polyester from plastic bottles, and recycled Roica elastane. 
  • Their zippers are composed of 91% recycled content, such as yarns and upcycled plastic bottles.
  • Their woven labels and decorative embroideries consist of 100% recycled polyester, taken from plastic bottles.
  • Finally, the paper buttons from Mon Coeur contain 93% recycled paper and recycled thermosetting fillers.

Clearly, Mon Coeur is serious about where their clothing comes from. As a parent, it’s such a relief to know that the clothing you give your kids isn’t causing any damage to the environment. 

As far as sustainable businesses go, Mon Coeur is truly one of the best. From upholding high standards of fair working conditions to using sustainable materials every step of the way, they seem to have this eco-friendly thing down to a science.

Show the planet some love by supporting Mon Coeur.

Mon Coeur Eco-Friendly Kids Clothing
Mon Coeur

These Are The Mon Coeur Items Every Kid Should Own

There’s no doubt that Mon Coeur is doing a whole lot of good for the environment. However, that’s not all they have to offer—their clothes are absolutely charming, too.

With items available for boys, girls, and infants, Mon Coeur has something for every earth-loving kid. If your child is passionate about nature, they will certainly adore this brand.

Here are a few of our favorite products from Mon Coeur: 

  • The Earth Kid T-Shirt. This charming t-shirt is ideal for Earth Month. With “Earth Kid” printed in bold lettering, your kid can proudly display their love for the planet. Also, the “A” in “Earth” is a fish, and the “T” is a cactus, which is just adorable.
  • The Pocket Dress. This blue overall-style dress would look perfect on any little girl. We love the asymmetrical pink-and-green pockets sewn onto the front. Fashionable and functional!
  • The Elephant + Bee T-Shirt. This one is part of the infant collection, and we just can’t get over the cuteness. It shows a cartoon bee flying around next to a curious elephant, whose tail-end is displayed on the back.

Although your baby can’t read quite yet, anyone who can will be inspired by the shirt’s printed saying: “Both big and small can cure for the planet.”

  • The Knee Patch Jogger. These sweatpants just look so comfy. They come in both gray and navy blue, each with geometric patches on the knees, and the grey ones even have a bright yellow pocket on the back. 
  • The Mon Coeur T-Shirt. This t-shirt boldly shows off the brand’s name in colorful, blocky letters. There’s a version in every collection: boys, girls, and infants (including an infant bodysuit!) 

Once you try out these clothes, you’ll want everyone to know how much you and your kids love Mon Coeur.

Mon Coeur offers all of these options (plus many more) on their online store. No matter who your child is, you’ll be able to find an item that fits their personality perfectly. There’s something for everyone.

Browse through our favorite Mon Coeur products today!

Mon Coeur Eco-Friendly Kids Clothing
Mon Coeur

You’ll Help The Planet With Every Purchase When You Shop Mon Coeur

If you thought Mon Coeur couldn’t get any better, think again. Not only do they offer cute, comfortable, completely sustainable clothes for your kids, but they contribute to several philanthropic causes benefitting the earth. What more could you ask of them?

Firstly, the company partners with 5 Gyres, an institute that is dedicated to sustainability. More specifically, they focus on reducing and eliminating plastic pollution in the environment. They aim to achieve a zero-waste, sustainable future for upcoming generations.

Every parent wants their child to grow up in a safe, clean, accessible world. We all want our kids to be able to swim in the ocean, hike through rainforests, see the coral reefs—you name it. Well, organizations like 5 Gyres are working to help us achieve that vision of the future. 

When you buy from Mon Coeur, you can feel good about supporting this noble cause.

But wait—there’s more. The company actually partners with another nonprofit organization called 1% For The Planet. In collaboration with this group, Mon Coeur has pledged to put 1% of their sales towards preserving and restoring the environment. This money supports events like beach cleanups and tree plantings.

Again, it’s wonderful to know that supporting Mon Coeur also means you are supporting the planet. 

Not only does Mon Coeur allow parents to give their kids high-quality, comfortable clothing, but also to bestow on them a cleaner and safer planet.

When you shop at Mon Coeur, you help out the planet with every purchase.

Mon Coeur Eco-Friendly Kids Clothing
Mon Coeur

Final Thoughts About This Earth-Loving Clothing Brand

In a perfect world, every resident of Planet Earth would try their best to take care of their home. Of course, being eco-friendly is hard sometimes. Luckily, Mon Coeur is here to help us along the way. 

Supporting sustainable businesses like Mon Coeur is a simple way to help ensure that our planet will still be around for our kids and their kids (and their kids) to enjoy in the future. 

Happy Earth Month!