He's going straight to the live shows! Chase Goehring wowed the America's Got Talent judges with his original song "Hurt" during his first audition — and he came back armed with another original song, "A Capella," to impress them even more. Chase especially caught the attention of the guest judge, Grammy Award-nominated artist DJ Khaled so much that Khaled hit the Golden Buzzer.

“The lyrics are real and authentic, the way you breakin’ it down. You’re on your way to be a star. This show and this stage is going to make you into a superstar,” the 41-year-old said before hitting the buzzer, showering Chase in gold confetti. He walked up to the stage to shake Chase's hand and said, “We got to work together.”


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Chase was so excited and he took to Twitter to show his gratitude to the "I'm the One" hitmaker. "Thank you [DJ Khlaed] for the most incredible moment of my life!" the 21-year-old wrote. "Seriously. Thank you to everyone that has believed in me. I wouldn't be doing this without you so thank you a million times."

The singer-songwriter has been working towards his goal of making it big in the music industry for quite some time, and this isn't his first time appearing on a reality TV competition series. He was on Season 3 of X-Factor, and he also auditioned with his song "Hurt." Chase made it to the Four Chair Challenge and sang a cover of B.o.B.'s 2010 hit "Airplanes" featuring Hayley Williams, but he was eliminated shortly after.

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It might be considered risky to audition on any talent competition series with an original song instead of a cover, but in a 2013 interview, Chase explained why he wasn't worried. "When I first started singing my original songs in coffee shops, I was kind of nervous because it’s your own song, so you wonder if people will like it,” the Tennessee native told LiveStarringYou. “But I was pretty comfortable doing it because I’ve been doing it for a while.”