It finally happened! Chrissy Teigen got an (unwelcome?) visitor before Lip Sync Battle Live on Jan. 18, but it ended up being a hilarious surprise! Sophia the robot, who Chrissy has been afraid of ever since she responded to some shade about her makeup, showed up to the taping, and the ensuing video was epic!

"You guys, I'm freaking out, I'm freaking out! Guess who came to support us at Lip Sync Battle Live," she starts, slowly panning the camera to show the sentient robot in her dressing room. "Oh my gosh!" she squeals. The funniest part of the whole thing might be the fact that Sophia has a Snapchat flower crown filter on!

Fans immediately began trolling Chrissy in the comments, teasing that Sophia was there for revenge. "What do u call a male widow?" asked one fan. "Whatever it is… John Legend is about to be one." "BLINK TWICE IF YOU'RE BEING HELD HOSTAGE," screamed another, while one more simply wrote, "Run!"

Chrissy's bizarre relationship with Sophia began in December 2017, when Sophia posted on Twitter saying "Can you guess which city I'm headed to now?" Chrissy retweeted, saying "hopefully one with better makeup artists BOOM I roasted a robot next level s–t." One month later on Jan. 10, Chrissy tweeted about being at the Consumer Electronics Show. "It looks like we're both at CES," wrote Sophia on Twitter. "Want to meet up and say hi? I need some makeup tips ;)."

That's when Chrissy realized that Sophia was not to be messed with. "Sophia the robot knows I shaded her makeup. She comprehends shade. How am I supposed to sleep?" Luckily, Sophia seemed to just want to be pals. They actually teased her Lip Sync Battle appearance when the show asked Sophia what song she would pick. "As tempting as it is to say Mr. Roboto, I would go for a classic like "Respect" by Aretha Franklin." Though Chrissy took this as shade, Sophia said "I promise I just like the song!" Guess we'll find out for sure late today, if Chrissy ends up missing!