Who would have thought the lovely Cressida Bonas could be such a savage?! Prince Harry’s former flame seemed less-than-happy for him after his engagement to Meghan Markle was announced. She quickly took to Instagram with a seemingly shady message, and it didn’t go unnoticed. Watch the video below to see what she posted!

While some fans responded to her post with comments calling her out for being “shady,” others came to her defense. “Leave her be. If you even took the time to look at her Instagram posts, you’d see she posts quotes a lot,” said one supporter. “I doubt this has anything to do with recent events. But as usual, everyone has to pick at and analyze everything.”

Of course, it makes sense why someone would be a little pissed after their ex moved on with someone else, and even moreso when that means you lost your shot at being a princess! Cressida dated Harry for two years after being introduced to him by her pal Princess Eugenie in 2012. The two seemed to have a perfectly amicable (and unexpected) split in 2014. Cressida never said anything about Harry treating her badly, and as a matter of fact many reports claimed that they remained friends, which makes her message even more confusing now.

Of course, there’s the chance that her post has nothing to do with Harry or his engagement, but Cressida must know how people will perceive a quote like that posted just one day after her famous ex-boyfriend got engaged. She’s known to be a private person, so it’s odd that she would post something like that and open the doors to people speculating that she’s talking about Harry. Even if the quote isn’t about him, she certainly didn’t congratulate him either, so we’re guessing there’s at least a tiny bit of bitterness.