7 Demi Lovato Songs That Showcase Her Strength and Resilience Throughout the Years

As Demi Lovato fans across the world continue to process the devastating news of her apparent overdose, it’s important to remember a few things about the famed pop star. Demi is human — she has faults, and demons, and struggles just like anyone else. That said, unlike the average person, Demi has been able to harness her darkness and turn it into something beautiful: Music. 

As an artist, Demi has gone beyond just creating music for enjoyment. Through her lyrics about drug addiction, mental illness, and heartbreak, she assures listeners of her strength and resilience and in turn, offers hope. That’s why it’s important, now more than ever, to listen to her words and remind ourselves that she will get better — just as she has before. Keep scrolling for seven Demi Lovato songs that showcase just how strong she truly is.

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