Free the nipple. Emma Stone is doing something she’s never done on screen before — going completely topless. The actress will star alongside Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz in the gritty, new period piece, The Favourite. The $15-million-movie from Fox Searchlight is about a “juicy power tangle connecting three women in the royal court of early 18th century England,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Judging from the trailer, the movie looks like a very strong, female-led piece with dark undertones. THR added that Emma, Olivia, and Rachel are a “divine trio” who “bounces off one another with obvious relish.” Abigail (Emma Stone) is a servant who finds favor with a sickly Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) which drives Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz) absolutely crazy. A twisting-and-turning rivalry results. Besides the incredible acting that I’m sure is in store, the costumes and sets look incredible.

Emma has been in dramatic movies before, but she has never exposed her breasts on camera. It turns out, it was all her idea. The choice surprised the director, and Olivia even tried to talk her out of it. The actress found inspiration during a scene where Lady Sarah discovers Abigail in bed with Queen Anne.

“I had the sheet up around me, and as we were shooting it and we did a few takes, I said, ‘Can I please just be [naked]?’ I think it’s going to give Sarah something to look at when she sees that I’m not just under the sheet covered up,” Emma told The Hollywood Reporter. “Olivia was like, ‘No, don’t do it!’ [director] Yorgos [Lanthimos] was like, ‘Are you sure that’s what you want to do?’ And I was like, ‘Absolutely.’ I chose to do it. I was like, this makes sense to me. It’s an absolute [Stone flips up her middle finger] to Sarah.”

Emma Stone Olivia Colman Rachel Weisz The Favourite Cast
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Rachel Weisz (left), Olivia Colman (center), and Emma Stone (center) pose at ‘The Favourite’ UK Premiere & American Express Gala.

Emma is an incredible actress and has been in the game a long time. A topless Emma Stone aside, this movie definitely sounds like a winner! The movie will be released in select theaters Nov. 23.

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