Well, it looks like your beach trips are about to get a little more… hairy!

Thanks to Beloved Shirts, a company dedicated to printing over-the-top, crazy designs on everything from hats to t-shirts to bodysuits, you can now have the ultimate dad bod with their new hairy chest-inspired swimsuit.

Deemed the “Sexy Chest One Piece,” the bathing suit retails for $44.95 on their website and has caused quite a stir online. Between its hyper-realistic image of a hairy man’s midsection and, of course, the front-and-center nipples, it's no wonder people keep ordering them!

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Needless to say, people on Twitter and Instagram had to put in their two cents about the epic beach wear.

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While some people don't enjoy the extremely graphic swimwear, others were excited to buy their own.

But if hairy chests aren’t your thing, Beloved offers a range of products, including pizza-printed sweatsuits and animal face ski masks, so you'll have plenty to choose from.

What’s your opinion on this hairy new trend?!