Déjà vu? Bachelorette star Hannah Brown shaded her ex-fiancé, Jed Wyatt, while watching The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart on April 13. The newest show in the franchise brings together musicians who will make beautiful music as they fall in love — or they’ll leave heartbroken. However, between all the guitars and fur-lined jackets, the Alabama native thought it hit a little too close to home

“I’m triggered by this whole thing,” the 25-year-old Bachelor Nation babe wrote on Twitter while tagging show host Chris Harrison. The reality starlet also included a GIF of her shaking her hand in frustration during the conversation she had with Jed, 26, that eventually led to their breakup. 

Fans loved Hannah’s response and got involved in the shade toward her ex. “There you are, girl. I was wondering if you had your wine out watching this train wreck,” one person responded. “Jed is probably pissed this show didn’t happen until after your season,” someone else added. “Don’t worry Hannah, no way Jed has this kind of talent,” another user quipped. 

Hannah wasn’t the only show alum going in on Jed during the premiere. LTYH contestant Jamie happened to arrive at the mansion wearing a very similar jacket to one that Jed wore during season 15. “Jamie obviously didn’t watch The Bachelorette and doesn’t understand what comes with that jacket,” Tyler Cameron tweeted about the hopeful contestant’s tan coat with white fur collar. The shade didn’t stop there. “What we have learned these past few seasons is that a guitar can get you past anything … Rock on, Sheridan,” the 27-year-old added in a separate tweet.

Jed Wyatt Wearing a Brown Coat with Hannah Brown in a Photobooth

Jed’s aspiring music career was a constant storyline during his journey with Hannah. On their first one-on-one date, he confessed that he only went on the show to find fame. When the Nashville resident met her parents, he told Hannah’s dad, Robert, about a dog food jingle he wrote as a career milestone. He sang multiple songs to the former beauty queen throughout the season and even strummed on the guitar for his proposal during the finale. Although things ended on a high note (pun intended), their engagement bliss was short-lived after Jed’s ex Haley Steven’s revealed that they were still dating when he left to go on the reality show.

“I feel so much guilt for letting him go,” Haley exclusively told Life & Style at the time. “If I could say anything to Hannah it would be to hang in there … I never meant to cause anyone any hurt.”

Their split was rough, but the former flames are doing well these days. Hannah went on to win Dancing With the Stars with Alan Bersten and Jed is head over heels for his new girlfriend, Ellen Decker

Keep ~listening to your heart,~ guys!